“Weapon exchange” will now operate on a regular basis

«Weapon exchange» will now operate on a regular basis

Игра Варфейс — Game Warface, PS4, Xbox, Xbox One, PlayStation, iOS, Android, ПК

27 May 2019


Are you tired of old weapons rusting in the armory? We are happy to inform you that “Weapon exchange” will now operate on a regular basis and will include even more guns eligible for swapping!


Please note that by paying additional 500 Kredits you can trade your regular guns for their counterparts belonging to nine weapon series (or vice versa). It can be done via a special offer page. Do not miss this opportunity to get long-desired arms at a reasonable price and receive awesome achievements they bring along! In the meantime, those who already possess weapons of these series can obtain the respective regular versions and apply any existing skins on to them.SWAP REGULAR GUNS FOR THEIR SERIES COUNTERPARTS OR VICE VERSA!AVAILABLE SERIES

The following series are available:

  • “Black Shark”
  • “Earth Shaker”
  • “Fiesta”
  • “Galaxy”
  • “Icebreaker”
  • “Impulse”
  • “Nuclear”
  • “Yakuza”
  • “Yellow Emperor”

For example, by paying 500 Kredits you can trade the common Steyr Scout for Steyr Scout “Black Shark” or “Icebreaker”; ACR “Yellow Emperor” or “Earth Shaker” for a regular ACR and so on. The full exchange list is available on a separate page.


  • Only those weapons you have in the inventory are eligible for exchange.
  • You can swap guns within one server: the old weapon will be replaced with the new one in your inventory on the same server.
  • You can change a regular gun for its counterpart pertaining to a certain weapon series as well as change a series weapon for a common one.
  • You cannot change a class specific weapon for a gun for another class (for example, a submachine gun for an assault rifle).
  • You cannot change a series arm for a gun belonging to another weapon series.
  • You should have at least 500 Kredits on your game account to successfully conduct one exchange.
  • Extra cost for swapping guns is the same no matter if you trade a series weapon for a regular one or the other way around.
  • No matter what durability the exchanged gun had, the new rifle will offer 100% durability.
  • You can swap weapons unlimited number of times while the offer is live.

If there are enough Kredits on your account, but when you try to pay, the message “Insufficient funds” pops up, attempt to make any purchase for Warface Dollars or Crowns in game. If the issue persists – please wait for up to 24 hours and use the offer again.

Tie your good luck to a new gun!


Что такое ранговый бой (Рейтинговые матчи или РМ) в Ironsight

Что такое ранговый бой (Рейтинговые матчи или РМ) в Ironsight

Поддержка ССО 2013

Поддержка ССО 2013