The next game update will be bringing a long-awaited first-person Spectator mode! Follow your game live as nothing will escape your attention any longer!

Master new tactics and maneuvers following the pro players! Let’s walk through the basics of how it will work:

  • Spectator mode will only be active in PvP, not PvE.
  • Upon death, the player’s cam switches to spectating other players.
  • Players can only spectate members of their team.
  • Players can switch between living members of the team in the same fashion as before in third-person view.
  • Upon death or disconnect of the spectated player, the player’s cam will return to their own place of death.
  • If a spectated player is stunned with a flash grenade, the spectating player will see the same effect until it expires or until the spectator switches to the next player.

The spectator sees the same picture as the spectated player, excluding the following:

  • Crosshair is displayed based on the spectator’s settings and doesn’t depend on the spectated player’s preferences.
  • “Grainy” visual effects (radiation in “Pripyat”).
  • Interface tooltips (“Press E to plant the bomb”).
  • Interface indicators and elements displaying mines, grenades and resurrection coins available, etc.

Please note that these details are subject to change.

Eye-five for the spectator mode!

Сейчас вы можете приобрести золотую версию ПП Honey Badger и множество скинов в Xbox и PLAYSTATION

7 ноября игровые серверы будут недоступны