This time direct sale offers three versions of a Rifleman’s dream: Regular, Icebreaker and Golden M16A3.

Obtain this magnificent Trinity till the 12th of November.

The rifle traces its origins back to the AR-15 (Armalite Rifle-15), also broadly known under its U.S. military designation – the M16. Various variants (A3, A4 and more) are broadly used not only by the U.S. Army and Marine Corps, but by military forces worldwide. You’ll hardly find an action movie that doesn’t feature or reference this weapon.

M16A3 is considered one of the classic high-tier performers: superb damage and effective range is an altogether powerful combination. The accuracy – as with any top-tier AR – remains unparalleled at 31 in the aiming mode, however M16A3 also retains a decent share of its accuracy when fired from the hip, without aiming down the sights. The AR features a steady rate of fire of 655, and its magazine holds up to 30 rounds.

A broad selection of scopes, muzzle and rail attachments are available to emphasize on its qualities – for example, the custom Rifleman Suppressor decreases the muzzle flash and improves its already potent penetration capabilities. Your enemy will have to seek better cover.

There are plenty of achievements that await the owners of these powerhouses!

Kill 10 000 enemies with M16A3 or its golden version


Kill 25 000 enemies with M16A3 or its golden version

Kill 10 000 enemies with weapons of the «Icebreaker» series


Kill 15 000 enemies with Icebreaker M16A3
Kill 999 enemies with Golden M16A3

Dominate and conquer!

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