Two new Icebreaker champions enter the ring: Beretta ARX160 and Bushmaster BA50




Two new Icebreaker champions enter the ring: Beretta ARX160 and Bushmaster BA50. Moreover, the classic duo of regular and Golden Beretta ARX160 has also joined the store. These masterpieces will be available only till the 31st of December.


A quick word about the firearm – it’s a top-tier, high-performance assault rifle that quite simply packs a punch – you can literally feel it even as you knock down target dummies at the shooting range, so imagine how it’s going to feel in the field!

As far as rifles of this class go, it’s practically a rule of thumb that high damage translates into high recoil, yet it’s far from the case here – ARX 160 manages to keep it down to an easy-to-control medium. This stacks up neatly with an impressive rate of fire, accuracy when aimed, and effective range – not something to disregard in a weapon that aspires to be universal for any user or environment.

To summarize, Beretta is the one to go with if you’re looking for a new rifle that’s both superb and not demanding in use. Available in three versions: regular, Golden and Icebreaker, it can be found in Random Kredit boxes in the shop.

Obtain stripes for 10 000 and 25 000 “regular”, 15 000 “ice” and 999 “golden” kills with Beretta!


Bolt-action rifles are traditionally regarded with much respect both on the battlefield and off; yet no one dares to say a word when a .50 cal joins the firefight. So get your hands on the supreme sniper rifle, the quintessence of evolution of the bolt-action rifles.

Its damage is capped at the highest levels, and one would expect no less from a .50, the length of the barrel ensures more-than-sufficient effective range; while the overall design provides superb recoil absorption.

This is a rifle that doesn’t just offer great accessories, it comes with them right off the bat: high-quality folding steel bipod, an ergonomic grip, muzzle brake designed to provide superior accuracy, characteristic to the rifles of this class. Its sole purpose with the given design is not s stealthy operation but merciless elimination of the enemy. Bushmaster BA50 can be outfitted with a variety of scopes per your preferences in zoom rates.

Take down 15 000 foes from Bushmaster and get the proof of its mastery!

Break their resistance!

Игровой магазин пополнился штурмовой винтовкой Beretta ARX160

В игровом магазине стала доступна новинка — снайперская винтовка Bushmaster BA50 “Стужа”