“SYNDICATE”: CDX-MC Kraken is a robust bolt-action sniper rifle that can penetrate any vest

The upcoming Battle Pass: “Syndicate” will feature this beast of warfare, provided that you’ve got the guts to tame it!



Dire monstrosities prowling the depths of the seas, Krakens have been feared by sailors since time immemorial, their existence neither confirmed nor denied. Now, how about a weapon that lives up to that reputation?

The upcoming Battle Pass: “Syndicate” will feature this beast of warfare, provided that you’ve got the guts to tame it!

The unique sniper rifle CDX-MC Kraken will be available in the weapon crafting tab. Take our word — it’ll be just as deadly as its submerged dwellers, exposed for a mere blink of an eye to drag the monster’s target to the depths.

This impressive bolt-action sniper rifle comprises all the specs a sniper needs: stunning high damage, high-usability scope for zooming in and out at incredible speeds, and both are topped off by increased damage to the limbs and a large enough magazine. Apart from that, the rifle can be outfitted with unique attachments, including suppressors! Thus, the gun is highly balanced and comfortable to use for both the newcomers and battle-hardened snipers alike.

But let’s get to its unrivalled forte, one enough to make you crave it — no vest can save your target from the CDX-MC Kraken shot, even those with a first-shot protection (anti-sniper vests)!

Currently the rifle is undergoing thorough testing to assess its power in different combat situations in the game, and balance out its specs. With that data on hand, the developers will be able to make the final call about any potential changes within the next several weeks.

Now that performance questions are out of the way, let’s talk about the aesthetics. CDX-MC Kraken features a highly-detailed, first-rate design, striking the eye with its solid blue color even without a skin. Isn’t it magnificent? Take a look at the large resolution pictures below.

Battle Pass “Syndicate” is scheduled to start this year. Throughout the event you can earn a plethora of unique items, including this sniper rifle.

Release the Kraken!

«СИНДИКАТ»: CDX-MC Kraken — мощная «болтовка», способная пробить любой бронежилет!

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