Permanent “Armageddon” gear set, skins and weapon series “Phobos” and “Deimos”

Permanent «Armageddon» gear set, skins and weapon series «Phobos» and «Deimos»

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22 May 2019


In the previous articles we have already told you that the new Battle Pass will bring numerous exclusive items: “Armageddon” gear set, “Phobos” and “Deimos” camos and weapons. Today you will learn how you can get your hands on them.

Get permanent equipment “Armageddon”, guns “Phobos” and “Deimos” and heaps of other rewards!


“Armageddon” will feature the familiar personal progress system: gain XP, complete missions and level up. Just like in the previous Battle Passes every new level will grant you valuable items such as skins, guns, consumables or a personal crate full of prizes. However, this time each new level will be unlocked with the fixed XP quantity!

Check out the picture below to learn what rewards each level yields.Previous

Level 1
“Armageddon” Smoke Grenade (x500)

Level 2
“Phobos” Skin for Balisong Knife

Level 3
Resurrection Coins (x25)

Level 4
Anti-personnel mine (x25)

Level 5
VIP Booster (15 days)

Level 6
“Armageddon” Smoke Grenade (x500)

Level 7
“Deimos” Skin for MPA 930DMG

Level 8
Mega VIP Booster (15 days)

Level 9
Personal crate

Level 10
“Deimos” Sapper Shovel

Level 11
Personal crate

Level 12
“Phobos” Skin for M60E4

Level 13
Personal crate

Level 14
“Phobos” Skin for PP-2000

Level 15
Personal crate

Level 16
“Phobos” Skin for SAP6

Level 17
Personal crate

Level 18
“Phobos” Skin for ORSIS T-5000

Level 19
Personal crate

Level 20: Item of choice
“Deimos” VHS-2

Level 20: Item of choice
“Deimos” SAP6

Level 20: Item of choice
“Deimos” Uzi Pro

Level 20: Item of choice
“Deimos” AT308

Level 20 will not be the last one to provide rewards since every higher level will drop a personal crate.


Every completed task of the weekly mission will grant one personal crate. Upon finishing 12 and more tasks, you will unlock other prizes including permanent “Armageddon” armor pieces and “Phobos” and “Deimos” weapons!Previous

“Deimos” Honey Badger

“Armageddon” Boots

“Deimos” M249 Para

“Armageddon” gloves

“Phobos” M60E4

“Deimos” AWM

“Phobos” Stechkin

“Phobos” Ice Axe

“Phobos” Micro Desert Eagle

“Armageddon” Medic Helmet

“Armageddon” Engineer Helmet

“Armageddon” Rifleman Helmet

“Armageddon” Sniper Helmet

“Armageddon” Rifleman Vest

“Armageddon” Sniper Vest

“Deimos” DSA SA58 SPR

“Armageddon” Engineer Vest

“Deimos” Saiga 12C

“Armageddon” Medic Vest


“Armageddon” comes with a brand new mechanic. You will get access to a real colonists’ base with additional tasks to get personal crates, crate keys, permanent weapons, personal progress points and resources for crafting temporary and permanent guns in a top secret Martian workshop.

We will provide more detailed info about the base in future articles!


Personal crates are extraordinary in the respect that you do not need a key to open them. They cannot be sold, only unlocked by the holder. As mentioned above, by levelling up you will receive personal crates containing such valuable rewards as consumables, temporary arms and unique “Phobos” and “Deimos” weapons and skins!

Crate contents:

  • consumables;
  • temporary weapons;
  • “Phobos” skins and weapons;
  • “Deimos” skins and weapons”.

For the time being, this is the full list of the unique items obtainable in “Armageddon”. However, other objects might become available in the framework of additional activities.

Tune in!

В «Калибре» камуфляж «Торос» — один из вариантов камуфляжа оперативников спецподразделения «ССО 2013»

В «Калибре» камуфляж «Торос» — один из вариантов камуфляжа оперативников спецподразделения «ССО 2013»

Typhoon F12 is a potent automatic shotgun up for crafting in «Armageddon»

Typhoon F12 is a potent automatic shotgun up for crafting in “Armageddon”