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Pausing will be enabled only on the tournament server in Clan Battles in the following game modes….


The next game update will be bringing a new “Pause” feature, allowing you to take technical breaks during a competitive match. Please note that this feature will be available exclusively on the tournament server and will prove a useful asset to teams when they need to discuss tactics or address technical issues.

Let’s walk over the key points here:

  • Pausing will be enabled only on the tournament server in Clan Battles in the following game modes: “Plant the Bomb”, “Capture”, “Blitz”.
  • Either team can initiate the vote to pause.
  • As soon as the minimum amount of votes required is reached, the game is paused for the following 60 seconds (may be changed in future).
  • Both teams can initiate a vote at the same time, but as soon as either of them reaches the votes required, the second one stops and the game is paused.
  • Each team can only pause the game once during the match (may be changed in future).
  • Vote to pause cannot be started if there’s any other vote in progress.
  • Vote to pause can be started via the class selection menu, accessed via “ESC” -> “Vote” -> “Game Pause” -> “Pause”. Other game modes will not feature this button.
  • During the pause, the game screen changes to the “Game paused” screen. Players can use all the functions available before the beginning of the match. As soon as the pause expires, the screen returns to normal and the game resumes.

Pausing will prove helpful to teams in case of a disconnect — a team will be able to pause the game to wait for the player to return and continue the match in full roster.

Future competitive events will also feature tactical pauses: so-called “Timeouts” for quick breaks during the match.

Please note that technical details of the feature may change per the testing results.

В игре появится функция, позволяющая поставить матч на паузу

SERVER RESTART — 14.11.2018