The October update has just gone live, bringing a new map: “Platform”, Saiga Spike shotgun, new achievements and much more!


The all-time favorite “Blitz” has now been updated with the new “Platform” map. It will be available immediately in Ranked Matches.

The map has 4 places to access the plant site from, one opening gate and one climbing spot, from which the attackers can silently surprise their foes from behind. The entry points are placed equally close to both teams, which will definitely influence the tactics and strategies of both sides.

The map was designed for all classes to have comfortable gameplay:

  • Snipers can occupy the windows of the second floors and monitor the main gates
  • Riflemen will perform well on the flanks and in the spawning area
  • Plenty of corners and side-streets will be appreciated by the players who use Medics and Engineers


You will of course receive special achievements for the successes on this map.


Saiga Spike is a one-of-a-kind shotgun that will blow up and completely redefine your typical medic gameplay! It comes loaded with an LMG round instead of a buckshot, the so-called “slug”. Loaded with 12-gauge slugs Spike is bound to knock down even the most heavily-armored foes at ranges up to 12 meters.

Moving on to the specs, one can’t help but notice the damage values and how they translate into performance in the real world of Warface. Unlike pellets, a slug round delivers a steady focused shot that powerful enough to knock anyone down, regardless of their armor.

While lenient on damage — maxing out at 500 points within its effective range of 12m — this gun leaves little room for error with its low rate of fire and capacity. Nevertheless, the bullpup configuration makes recoil manageable and accuracy reliable enough for an average user, while the Picatinny rail provides plenty of customization opportunities.

Looking for a new experience as a medic? Look no further and check out Saiga Spike in Warface Dollar Boxes.


HCAR is the first semi-automatic assault rifle to be featured in the game. This is a great pick for both Snipers looking for transition to other roles, and Riflemen that wish to try something different than their usual automatic toolkit.

The rifle is set to revolutionize gameplay in Warface, and is the first semi-automatic weapon for the Rifleman. Whether you’re a Rifleman ‘main’ looking to try something new, or a veteran Sniper looking for an easy transition, this is hands down your best pick.

HCAR deals double damage to body and limbs, sports considerably high damage — enough to knock most of them down. These great qualities are offset by recoil and a limited capacity, as the mag carries only 20 rounds.

The golden variant brings an increased rate of fire and an expanded mag capacity. Both regular and golden variants will be available in Random Kredit Boxes.


The game now features 24 new achievements for combat prowess on the new “Platform” map, as well as “Longway”, “Wharf” and “Sirius” (3 badges and 3 marks for each map).

Win 10 matches Win 25 matches Win 50 matches Take the first place 25 times Take the first place 50 times Take the first place 100 times


Compete in the first season of the reworked ranked matches.


Regional matchmaking has been improved: players will now be selected for a match also based on proximity to one another.


  • Reworked Taurus Judge specs. Secondary weapons are designed to support the primaries, and can be used frequently if the situation, like a specific map, just calls for it. However, it has become obvious that Taurus Judge filled the niche intended for the primary weapons, and this revolver shows better performance than shotguns at times. We believe a single weapon — even the one possessing unique features — shouldn’t ruin class balance, and thus we’ll be reducing some of its strengths. The revolver is meant to be a reliable secondary weapon, not a primary one. After these changes, Taurus Judge will keep its unthinkable powers in close quarters combat, thanks to the ability to deliver swift one-shot justice.
                         – rate of fire reduced to 150 (prev. 200)
                         – damage drop at greater ranges changed to 3 (prev. 4)
                         – increased spread
  • In order to improve class balance, we will be increasing the sniper rifle sway caused by jumping while in the aiming mode. This change will impact all sniper rifles and their versions with 120ms zoom speed and higher (XM8 Sharpshooter, Calico M951S, Barrett M98B, McMillan CS5, SIG 550, SVU-AS, M16 SPR Custom, AX308, QBU-88, Steyr Scout, Remington MSR). Their actual speed remains the same. This change is meant to enhance the concept of the class. Acrobatics and sharp movement are more suited to classes fighting in close quarters combat. For example, Medics and Engineers often have to depend on it to survive a gunfight. In regards to Snipers, their archetype suggests  more subtle gameplay and long-range attacks.
  • Improved animations for Saiga 12-S


  • Disabled particles appearing on the ground during walking or landing after a jump. These particles will remain when falling into water.
  • Added two new contracts to replace the ones removed previously:
                – eliminate 15 enemies with headshots in “Free for All”, “Bag and Tag” or “Battle Royale”
                – eliminate 20 enemies with slide kills
  • Game client: disabled the global operation K.I.W.I. button


  • PvP: Plant the Bomb, Yard – fixed the error causing one of the walls to be displayed differently based on video settings.
  • Fixed the problem with screen resolution allowing players to see through specific objects.
  • Fixed specific achievement positions within the banner.
  • PvP: Battle Royale, Exclusion Zone – fixed the error causing the fence to disappear due to character position in specific places.


  • Saiga Spike: muzzle flame with the standard flashguard doesn’t reflect upon the nearby objects.
  • Saiga Spike: shotgun ammo doesn’t refill with Rifleman class ability.

Join the fun!