MAG-7 is a compact shotgun that brings superb firepower to tight quarters.

Available in store only till the 15th of March!


This shotgun features an unusual design. Coincidentally, it’s one of the selling points of this particular piece. Traditionally, shotguns are breachers’ top pick — they possess immense stopping power, though they come with a batch of their own issues: size and magazine capacity for one.

MAG-7 is built upon the Uzi design: combining steel parts — receiver and alike — with plastic grips, not to mention the box magazine situated as a pistol grip that eases the reload.

In essence, Techno Arms PTY managed to deliver a shotgun that performs well given restricted space, thanks to its shortened barrel and feed system.


Despite its size, MAG-7 has one of the highest damage values in the game — it’s a pump-action shotgun, after all. At the same time, the weapon is not limited in accuracy, and its effective range remains highly competitive. The lack of substantial recoil makes MAG-7 great for landing subsequent shots on your target — should they need it.

This is a pump-action shotgun with a standard box magazine, which means slide action is required after every shot, while the box magazine makes up for an easy and quick reload.

The shotgun is available in two variants: regular and golden, both available in Random Kredit Boxes. The golden version features a slightly increased rate of fire and carries one more round in the magazine.


Mighty Peg

Eliminate 10 000 enemies with MAG-7 or its golden version

Advanced Mighty Peg

Eliminate 25 000 enemies with MAG-7 or its golden version

Golden Peg

Eliminate 999 enemies with Golden MAG-7

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