The long-awaited Fast Cup V is over

Dear players!

It stood out not only through excellent games but also with the number of participants. 223 teams – almost 1400 players applied for it – that’s a record for our region. The geographical spread of the participants is also something to be proud of – players from three continents, 69 countries and 70 cities joined in!


Sunday was marked by intense battles among rookies and semi-pros that culminated in the victory of RGC.Astarta team — the European division of well-known Repulse Gaming Community, three times winners of Warface Open Cup and Warface: Absolute Power.

For their victory in Fast Cup V the players of RGC.Astarta will receive a team prize of 20 000 Kredits as well as individual achievements “Fast Cup: Participant”, “Fast Cup: Finalist” and “Fast Cup: Winner!”.








All the other tournament participants will also soon receive their achievements and prizes.


The weekly tournaments of Fun Cup series provide crown and Kredit rewards!

Every participant that finishes (even loses) at least one match will receive 4000 crowns. These crowns will be well spent on new glorious CZ 75 Czechmate Parrot. Both of its regular and golden versions are available in Crown and Kredit Random Boxes.

Those who score top places will also receive Kredits!

Stay tuned as another important eSports announcement will soon unfold!

We are pleased to report that Early Access has begun on Xbox!

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