Download Null’s Royale 3.3.1 – Private Server

Скачать Null's Royale 3.3.1 - Приватный сервер
Скачать Null's Royale 3.3.1 - Приватный сервер

Clash Royale

In this update, the Nuls Tim team not only added new content, but rewrote a significant part of the server code. You already know everything about content, so let’s see what has changed in the server itself (not counting the extensive refactoring).

Battle system: By analogy with our other servers, we have started a full emulation of battles on the server. This means that cheating is no longer possible, and you will forget about the “Out of Sync” error forever. Added support for new game modes and correct display of information in the battle log.

Disco button: Removed old PvE modes and added new ones: Draft, Endless Elixir, 2v2 Draft, Blind Challenge and much more. Now all battles will be against real players.

Matchmaking: Classic PvP is now matched based on your current arena, while other modes are randomly matched. By the way, the minimum limit of cups (3000) has also been removed.

Clans: minor bugs fixed, online counter is now updated immediately. Removed old clan wars, but new ones have not been implemented yet (we are working on this).

Null's Royale 3.3
Null’s Royale 3.3

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