Direct sales of Gold Honey Badger and Bushmaster BA50



Are you up for a tasty treat? Our golden honey is all yours, so is the best bush-camping tool available to the mankind.

Gold Honey Badger and regular Bushmaster BA50 are in store till the 13th of March.


Honey Badger is a superb personal defence weapon, and thus is best used in close quarters combat. Built upon the time-tested AR-15 configuration, the PDW features an integrated suppressor, thus making it a fine pick for stealthy missions.

The Badger can be placed rather high in the lists: it can deliver plenty of damage a shot at a steady rate, yet the real deal is its effective range – rivalling that of some assault rifles – and reload speed.

The golden versions features improved looks and better stats.


Bolt-action rifles are traditionally regarded with much respect both on the battlefield and off; yet no one dares to say a word when a .50 cal joins the firefight. So get your hands on the supreme sniper rifle, the quintessence of evolution of the bolt-action rifles.

Its damage is capped at the highest levels, and one would expect no less from a .50, the length of the barrel ensures more-than-sufficient effective range; while the overall design provides superb recoil absorption.

This is a rifle that doesn’t just offer great accessories, it comes with them right off the bat: high-quality folding steel bipod, an ergonomic grip, muzzle brake designed to provide superior accuracy, characteristic to the rifles of this class. Its sole purpose with the given design is not stealthy operation but merciless elimination of the enemy. Bushmaster BA50 can be outfitted with a variety of scopes per your preferences in zoom rates.

Be like a Honey Badger stalking its prey in the bushes!

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