Many of you liked “Pripyat”, a special operation with a new approach to gameplay mechanics and a well-developed plot. It set a new quality standard for special operations in Warface. The next one is going to be even more larger and more epic. Greet “Sunrise”: enemies you haven’t encountered before, unpredictable plot twists, brand new gameplay mechanics, stylish locations and unveiled game lore.


According to the information we received from an undercover agent, codenamed “Noda”, Blackwood is using a secret base in the Pacific ocean to launch unknown objects into space.

Euro-alliance is concerned: it sends its fleet to the island for the assault, yet the energy shield around the base makes it invulnerable.

The task of Warface squad is to deploy on the island, infiltrate Blackwood base and deactivate the force field to make way for Euro-alliance forces.


Watch this animated comic strip to learn more about “Sunrise”.


“Sunrise” has a totally new vibe due to its unique gameplay features, special first-person actions and cutscenes. It is going to be fun!

  • Stealth mode. At some points of the special operation you’ll need to remain hidden and employ unconventional tactics to proceed. Make use of silencers, hide in the shadows, work as a team – don’t set the alarm! Otherwise, your survival chances will drop drastically, as the number of enemy troops you’ll face will be overwhelming.
  • Force shield. At certain moments of “Sunrise”, you’ll be able to use a special energy barrier that protects you from projectiles. You will need it to move forward on open spaces under the suppressive fire of your enemies.
  • Poison gas. Enemy possesses chemical weapons – and it ain’t afraid to use them. The air is poision!
  • Cutscenes. Another feature that makes “Sunrise” different from other special operations is the existence of  cutscenes and special first-person actions that will make the game feel more immersive.


Warface troops will face incredibly dangerous enemies that can only be taken down by a well-coordinated team.

  • SED-2. These cybernetic Blackwood soldiers have been updated and are now even more lethal.
  • Firestarter. A special heavily-armored version of SED-2 equipped with a flamethrower. This enemy can ignite area around itself to cut off your escape. Proceed with care!


The most dedicated of you will be able to get 20 new achievements, including a secret one. You will need not only high personal skills but also excellent teamwork to claim such supremacy.

Young samurai
Complete “Sunrise” special operation on “Easy”.
Heal 5000 HP of your teammates in “Sunrise”.
Experienced Samurai
Complete “Sunrise” special operation on “Normal”.
Restore 5000 armor of your teammates in “Sunrise”.
Noble samurai
Complete “Sunrise” special operation on “Hard”.
Demon of Steel
Eliminate 20 enemies [SED-2] with a grenade launcher in “Sunrise”.
Shogun Gold
Eliminate 5000 enemies using a golden gun in “Sunrise”.
Demon of Fire
Destroy a Firestarter with a flamethrower in “Sunrise”.
Emperor’s Crown
Eliminate 5000 enemies using a Crown gun in “Sunrise”.
Secret achievement
Unknown conditions.
Eliminate 500 enemies using a Katana in “Sunrise”.
Immortal Ronin
Complete “Sunrise” on “Hard” without dying once.
Rifleman Ronin
Eliminate 5000 enemies in “Sunrise” on “Hard” as a Rifleman.
Engineer Ronin
Eliminate 5000 enemies in “Sunrise” on “Hard” as an Engineer.
Sniper Ronin
Eliminate 5000 enemies in “Sunrise” on “Hard” as a Sniper.
Medic Ronin
Eliminate 5000 enemies in “Sunrise” on “Hard” as a Medic.
Silent Steps
Complete stealth sequence in “Sunrise” on “Normal” without setting the alarm.
Ninja Stealth
Complete stealth sequence in “Sunrise” on “Hard” without setting the alarm.
Legendary Ronin
Unlock all “Ronin” achievements.


You can get weapons and camo from the “Yakuza” series for completing special operation “Sunrise”. The series includes one weapon for each class, a secondary weapon and a melee weapon, as well as the corresponding skins.

 “Sunrise” rewards

Difficulty Guaranteed With a certain chance
Easy “Yakuza” Katana (6 hours). “Yakuza” Katana skin (permanent) and Katana (1 day).
Normal “Yakuza” S&W M&P R8 (1 day). “Yakuza” S&W M&P R8 skin (permanent) and S&W M&P R8 (1 day).
Hard “Yakuza” RPD Custom, “Yakuza” Fabarm XLR5 Prestige, “Yakuza” ACR CQB, “Yakuza” M14 Crazy Horse (2 days). “Yakuza” weapon skin for a primary weapon (RPD Custom, Fabarm XLR5 Prestige, ACR CQB, M14 Crazy Horse) and the corresponding weapon (1 day).

Praise the “Sunrise”!

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