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“Armageddon” forms part of the global “MARS” update and its setting and plot are connected with the new Special Operation.

The new Battle Pass conserves the most popular “Syndicate” mechanics while featuring absolutely unique ones. For example, following your suggestions we have added to the web site a Mars base and a research centre where you will be able to obtain items and complete missions! It will be up to you to choose rewards for your efforts. You are hooked, aren’t you?

The weekly mission system of different difficulty levels, “Armageddon” set rewards, experience gain and personal progress remain the same except for minor changes. Mission objectives have been slightly modified to mitigate possible negative effects due to massive completion.

The Battle Pass participants will get access to hundreds of temporary and permanent rewards including “Phobos” and “Deimos” weapons, new craftable gun – the shotgun Typhoon F12, and the “Armageddon” equipment set (exclusive event items).

You will learn more about all this in future dedicated articles. You can check out the equipment set characteristics on the promo page.


The full Battle Pass access can be purchased. You can pre-order it now: there are two versions available – a simple one and an extended one

What does the extended version include?

  • Full access to the Battle Pass
  • 20 personal progress levels.
  • 5 personal crates.
  • 500 “Armageddon” smoke grenades

Please note that now experience points are distributed differently in the personal progress. This time all levels require the same XP quantity (in the previous BP the number of XP increased with every level unlocked – from level 1 to 50, the first levels being the easiest ones).

You do not need a key to open unique personal crates. They cannot be sold, only unlocked by the holder. The crates contain various rewards including awesome permanent guns.

Those who are still dubious about whether to take part in the event can get a trial version. It has certain limitations and does not grant access to heaps of prizes.


Космический дефибриллятор

Космический дефибриллятор

Турнир «Армагеддон»

Турнир «Армагеддон»